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About TCS

Tata Consultancy Services is a worldwide IT company with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. It is the most prestigious IT organization on the planet. 

With its essence spanning 46 nations, it has a very wide reach. As one of the world’s largest enrollment specialists, TCS has more than 387,000 employees, nearly 35% of whom are women. TCS offers services in banking, IT management, BPO, and so forth.

TCS Web Mail
TCS Web Mail

The Earlier situation of signing into TCS Webmail

In recent months, TCS has changed its Webmail to a VPN for example virtual private organization. Using a VPN, clients can access a private  organization. 

Information can be shared remotely through open organizations. The information on the web is protected by a VPN. Since then, TCS Webmail has become difficult to access outside of their frameworks. Presently, there are simple ways to access TCS Webmail from your cell phones or PCs.

Through Citrix Receiver

  • You can install the Citrix Receiver application online by clicking on the button.
  • Install the application on your mobile device. You can access your messages on your cell phone and PC using this application.
  • Open Netscaler Gateway ( after the application has been introduced effectively.
  • Using this login page, you can access the Tata Consultancy Services website.
  • To sign in, you will need your credentials.
TCS Web mail login page
TCS Web mail login page
  • Through Citrix Receiver, you will be directed to your webmail account after logging in.
  • To access TCS Webmail, you need to choose Lotus Webmail here.
  • Now you can access your messages on iOS or Android devices using your username and secret key.

Utilizing Citrix Receiver, you will be able to access your TCS messages from any gadget outside of TATA consultancy frameworks. You will encounter only one impediment: you won’t be able to see messages older than three days.

Always access your Webmail from a secure web browser. The data contained in your email can be very personal and significant, and you would prefer not to compromise this information by using an insecure platform. Use the latest version of the program you are using. If you notice any suspicious activity on your PC, run a full boot time filter.

Previously, was the official web address of Tata Consultancy Services. allowed employees to access their emails. However,  a few months ago, the company changed this address to a new one so that its employees will have a better working environment.

TCS has partnered with Citrix due to its flawless performance. As a result, employees can now access their emails by simply opening Netscaler Gateway. Now, they do not have to open With Netscaler Getaway, employees can now log in to their email accounts with just one click.


Tata consultancy services employees can use the TCS WebEx service for taking part in online meetings, videoconferencing, and interacting with coworkers worldwide. A-Workforce is available at TCS. You can start using WebEx by simply logging into webmail TCS.

  • Utilized For-Giving different assignments and tiny sessions.
  • Employed to arrange a conference to handle 100 to 3000 people simultaneously.
  • Webex services incorporate various classes, training, and video or online conference meeting.
  • Webex utilized on all forms of platform i.e. desktop computer or mobile apparatus.

TCS Webmail Account Recovery Steps

It is possible for you to change your password or forget your username or password if you are an employee of TCS. You can retrieve your password by following the steps below

  • Log in to TCS Ultimatix with these link:
  • Beneath password direction, you may reset your password you might want to answer directly retrieval questions.
  • After resetting your password, then now you can log in to webmail again.

If you’re having trouble accessing TCS webmail, let us know. We may be able to make your life easier. Stay up-to-date with TCS feeds by subscribing.